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About Us

Ekananewyork is a New York based Women's and Men's apparel brand being dedicated outsourcing partner for the fashion industry with a special focus on garments made in real leather, Worldwide trend and design support are combined with high standard of quality and competitive production prices.

Our production is done in factories in India with modern equipment and standard social compliance and quality certifications that guarantee high quality manufacturing. We are a quality producer of reasonably priced, Leather Garments and Leather Accessories

Our products are produced in a sustainable, natural way, avoiding any damage to the environment. Animals are free-range and this means they picked up from their family home early in the morning, are free to roam the desert in the north of India while being looked after by a shepherd and are then returned home in the evening. This also means that there may be a scratch or imperfection on the leather but we think this only adds an individual charm and authenticity to the product.

For those who are conscious about where the leather comes from, we would like to confirm that the animals are killed for their meat and not for their skin. We only use what would otherwise be thrown away. Due to the low cost of this by-product, we are able to sell our products at very reasonable prices.

We are very proud of our products and where they come from. we have also put measures into place that ban child labor during any stage of production

So why do we tell you all this? We want to be as transparent as possible. As a company, we do not shy away from questions or queries about our production or our products and we will answer every question truthfully. We want to be honest and we want that our customers know exactly what they are buying before they buy it.